Sunday, 30 June 2013

High Tea Hanworth House Style

Despite the rain today, Hanworth House hosted a beautiful occasion - it was the first day of a significant birthday week for Sister-in-law HH. And to celebrate this milestone, HH turned on High Tea in her honour.

 Cake Queen HH and Coffee Queen HH arrived in the Cake Kiosk Caravan

However, the unforgiving slate walls at HH within 5 minutes claimed a victim - in reality this is the 7th flat tyre caused by those slate tiles at HH! It is becoming very expensive to park on the grounds!

But do not fear, RACQ rushed over to rescue Cake Kiosk (and the day!) -  Note the poor flat tyre.

You can catch Queen of Cakes every fortnight at the  Powerhouse markets and next week at the Teneriffe Festival - they are the best cakes in Brisbane, trust me on this! Miss HH and I have sampled all the selection in the couple of years we have known the beautiful Jade.



Sister in law HH's sister made these cupcakes of deliciousness

The setting was enhanced with flora

The guest of honour arrived

Miss HH and I clamoured for photos with her

Of course these was champagne (is that a question?)

The china was high tea ready

and then the guests descended

The Young ones

And those of us simply young at heart

The Grand Lady really turned it on, in spite of her ashen exterior and the incessant rain


The pink flamingos were particularly loved
Miss HH made a beautiful speech to a favourite Aunty

And in the best news -  at the beginning of the day - we started out celebrating this milestone
and knocked years off in the course of just one afternoon!
And in scandalous news, that damn tea cosy got up to her usual flirtatious self during the course of the day
First up, I found her fraternising with the champagnes in their champagne bucket
However, you just will not believe what she got up to as the day wore on - I will leave this for another day, another post as her adventures stretch well outside the scope of tonight's musings.
Happy birthday sister in law HH - you deserve a beautiful birthday week, and a beautiful life
We all love you
x HH


  1. Sounds like a great day - and I look forward to hearing about the further scandalous doings of that tea cosy! xx

    1. It was Robin but that tea cosy will be the death of me! She has become quite an emerging celebrity on the blog but keeping up with her is taking it out of me, I assure you. More of the TC antics later in the week! x HH

  2. Hi HH,
    I saw your tribe on the verandah yesterday,I was on my way into the David Jones sale(sshhh!)
    That dessert table looks incredible
    I love that skirt your wearing,fab!
    Your sister-in-law always looks amazing,she is often wearing White Label Noba and rocking it!
    Shame you didnt have sunshine,Im so over this rain,there's cabin fever in the house here!
    Have a beautiful week HH tribe
    X A

    1. Oh how nice to be spotted A - my sister is law always does look amazing and she loves White Label Noba (I have a suspicion she may be wearing it later this week as the birthday hots up!) Hope you picked up some bargains in the sale (the sshhh one at DJs) x HH