Wednesday, 12 June 2013

10,000 views on saying thank you

This is the week, not for 10,000 leagues under the sea, but for 10,000 thanks on dry land - on the land of Hanworth House in fact. The blog is about to get viewer number 10,000.

I know this shot is from the movie Up, but you have all been responsible for our "up and up" - lifting  the house up when it was down, me up when I have been so far from it - and collectively you have lifted both of us up, when it seemed like the only place to stay was down, down, down.

Can't tell you how much it meant when the first Sunday after the fire, some great souls just turned up to help. In readiness, I raided the nearby supermarket and all but cleaned them out of cleaning agents, or in fact anything which vaguely resembled one:

I discovered cleansers I never even knew existed!  Even if I had no idea what they did - if they looked useful, they were tossed into the trolley.

The gorgeous  Ellie brought chocolate, bananas, her beautiful smile and volunteering heart and turned up early.

Then girl power continued - the ever glam Fabulous Friend HH, continued the "working bee with a difference theme" by bringing with her leopard lined cleaning gloves which certainly brought a smile to my face!

Don't be fooled by the  glamour of these fabulous looking Chanel shades, because lurking behind was Dr JT who came with the sole intention of demolishing all the HH weeds in sight - and did!

Even new babies turned up to help! Start them young I say! And the troops set to task saving what they could of the soot laden furniture which was lucky enough to escape the fire

Note the white chairs in front - they are from Ikea - I commend Ikea plastic chairs as the best to have in cases of emergencies (ie. fire) - not a blemish on them!

And Fanciful Friend HH (who you have met before) drove all the way from Toowoomba and, although she could not stay,  delivered champagne - how thoughtful!

Boyfriends brought girlfriends...

Frenchman HH looked armed and dangerous with the gerni!

Husband HH ravaged a personal vendetta against the bougainvillea (and wore the scars of his day's work for many weeks to come!)

Miss HH greeted guests

and plastered uplifting posters around HH

Miss HH even decided the cleaning agent table needed a lift!

 Builder HH sent child labour (don't fret - his child!) to join the team

Bushes, trees and gardens were pruned and pruned (translate as savaged!)

Mammoth efforts were made in trips to the dump by stoic and enthusiastic worker bees

Even Big Brother HH claimed the clearing of the front garden as his own and triumphantly showed off the fruits of his labour in this shot

Everyone remarked it was probably a little late for me to be wheeling these out! Made for a good photo opportunity though!

The media came to cover the helping hands (I just can't find the video at present but I will post it here when I do!)

and naturally there are always drinks at the end of the day and something to eat (thanks to the Food Friendly Family Higgins!)

But this was just the efforts of a few on one day - along the way, many have added value to many days. Husband HH (who dared to touch what no one else dared!)

Miss HH who turns up with coffee when it is simply way too early for champagne (is it really ever too early for champagne?) That said, we do love coffee too!

And PA HH who goes the extra mile to even coordinate the cleaning materials ! Got to love that! Takes being green to a whole new level!

The rest of the A team - Builder HH, Architect HH and their fabulous offsiders, so many friends and neighbours and people I have never even met, people just like you!

I love this blog and the readers it has collected along the way in just a few short weeks.  So when the 10,000th one of you reads Heart Hanworth House (and that moment is fast looming), I would love to hear who you are, so message me or add a comment - it might make for a whole new story of its own! Or at the very least it must be time to award another HH Blog's Award for Community Service - so join Baker HH and Neighbour HH and become Follower HH in this very coveted Hall of HH Fame.

So HH says a big thank to you all - you raised her up when someone needed to.

Thank you so much for caring
HH loves you - and so I do too!
Here's to much more up, up and away

x HH


  1. Congrats on getting so many views so quick, I am sure everyone has found it as interesting as I have , ��

    1. Oh thanks Leonie, I am loving the adventure of shared experiences! Thanks so much for your support x HH

  2. Hello HH
    Have you sprung any leaks over the weekend?
    Goodness that pic of the chemical table is quite amazing!
    Who knew all those cleaners existed?Im not known for my cleaning skills-I say stick to what you do best! ;-)
    Congratulations on your blog success! You know we all love your story!
    Ps I agree on the plastic Ikea,it really does do its job!
    I was there on the weekend(locals know to only go mid week!)and they had some lovely new Rattan Bahamas style dining chairs $129 each-great buy!
    Ikea has a lot of knockers but I think it always has a few great finds! I would shop anywhere HH
    Keep your fantastic stories coming,Im a fan!
    X A

    1. Hi X A. There are leaks everywhere. I have a minor heart attack every time there is some wind as I feel sure it would not take much to bring the roof down. Then I would be incredibly sad. I agree with you re the "shopping anywhere" - once I get over the psychological challenge of actually getting to IKEA, I am fine once I am there and their stuff is great. I feel there will be a few trips coming up as I start to restock the house. x HH

  3. Aren't there an awful lot of nice people in the world?

  4. Great post HH, can't believe how quickly you have 10,000 views!

    Ciara xx

    1. And I finally got to say thank you to you for, as you will see, what was a very valued contribution to the working bee. x HH

  5. Wahoo! Congratulationsssssss HH. Thanks for the journey. Here's to years of great rewarding stories from the halls of HH. xx

  6. Thanks Shhhelley - how is Adelaide? x HH