Monday, 26 May 2014

Teapots and Tradies (Part I)

My goodness - the month has just flown - no blog, no life - just hardcore Hanworth - but it was not all bad - there were teapots (and tradies!) to keep things spiced up 

The dining room looked pretty hot for Easter

And our gorgeous friends K and E came to visit and hotted things up even more - we had a ball!

and just look at the beautiful heart slate  I found in the garden that day - Heart Hanworth House is indeed all around!

Of course Superstar Tea Cosy is also all around - she felt she had been in hibernation for far too long and made a general nuisance of herself

She was feeling rather put out that she was not guest of honour at the Night of Clicquot

So settled for the empties instead! What's so bad about that ? I have done that a hundred times before! Well a girl sometimes has to do what a girl has to do ! 

Do you just love our new office addition- this gorgeous  baratta jar? Normally you could get yourself one by shopping the beautiful Adore - But, sadly, it is sold out - but go to this great site anyway because, on it,  you will find, undoubtedly, the MUST HAVE have book for 2014 Shop Adore here.  

It is divine so buy some early for Christmas - you won't regret it.

Back to Superstar Cosy - this is where she should be living - cosily settled in my office bookshelf (just under the baratta jar as you will see!)

But there is no tying a good woman down - she has been giving her opinion on just about everything, including my new office

She has been checking out the newly delivered desks 

and the newly completed rooms

She has been distracting the tilers

and the kitchen installation team - yes please admire as I present Kitchen Numero 2!

She has been distracting the tradies

She has been fraternising with the new timber rails - Even the new wing was not immune from the Tea Cosy nuisance factor - hello besser!

and Foreman Michael was given a tip or two

But the safety issues were truly compromised when Superstar Tea Cosy decided to get involved in fencing preparation

and she was reprimanded by Jake for being such a bad girl!

But the grudge was short lived and she was back inspecting the new fence before too long and basking in its freshly installed luxury

So, tired of carpentry, she made a bee line for the newly arrived painting crew (noone is safe in the land of HH)

and she supervised as the backyard shed was here today

and gone tomorrow

So readers, I am so sorry I have been MIA - but I'm back now and the pace is so fast, I will need to blog like crazy to keep up

On a reverent note, I just marked the 2 year anniversary of the death of my beautiful mother Romana

This is us in 1966. ( I'm the baby!)

Remember the first day I walked into Hanworth I learnt that exactly 100 years before Mary Weinholt had bought the house in memory of her mother Anne Powell? I had also bought the house in memory of my mother - like it was meant to be.

If you don't know my mother you must know her -  Read the story of Romana here

She would have loved the resident tea cosy more than the tradies!
Me, I probably love the tradies more!

But I loved her, as I love Miss HH, to the moon and back
And I miss her every day

x HH