Monday, 24 March 2014

Happy Birthday to me

Let's just say this girl knows how to party


But then again, it takes one to know one!


So from the lows of the first anniversary of the fire, I was determined to make it a birthday to remember (and it was!)

Miss HH started the day by giving me this magnificent card and present

"Guess how much I love you" is our all time favourite mother/daughter book - Then Assistant HH breezes in with these crowd pleasers

And the crowd was suitably pleased!

I was determined to re-open the kitchen, dining room and ballroom to mark the occasion of my birthday - and we did 

I am loving the white fresh approach of the new kitchen at HH

 The dining room was readied for the ladies to lunch

And the ballroom was given a makeover by HH's Director of All things eventful (spot him amongst this group of partying girls)


He even sourced this gorgeous entry chair for me

Of course there were several girls who attended who were of the partying kind on my birthday -  Fleur Fabulous Friend was intent on starting the day with a sabre or two.


These 2 young attendees were much more sensible

 I love this photo of my boys

And I am not sure if you recall, but for Christmas my boys gave me a magnum of champagne - which I vowed I would only drink with them on a special occasion

 and I declared my birthday as that special occasion.

The landscapers moved in - on day 1 they were suitably entertained with all the festivities - I assured them this did not happen every day.

Look at this amazing book my friend S found - "The Haunted Tea Cosy "  - She apologised in advance that the book was atrocicious - I agreed - but how thoughtful

I have made the book compulsory night time reading for that renegade Superstar Tea Cosy of HH 

I felt quite the lady of the house on my special day

As night time fell we turned the lights on for the first time

I figured if there was one day in the year I would get away with a photo on the earth moving equipment - it was today. So off we went! Thank goodness Project Manager HH did not see us!


 This was me last year on my birthday - the day after the fire - I was pretty sad but Miss HH tried to make it a nice day

This year was much more colourful

There were lots of fun instagram moments captured

This is my favourite photo of the day

The day after my birthday the arsonist was sentenced

Carpenter HH Pete has  been with me since Day 1, through the fire, through all the insurance, through the last two birthdays

He gave me this card on my birthday this year - I love it.

How true 


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

A year ago today,  I arrived at my beloved HH to find this

I could not believe it then - I still cannot believe it.

This became the iconic photo associated with the arson attack on HH - this piano was nearly 100 years old - I still have the petals from my birthday roses in my office as  a constant reminder that the Phoenix does rise from the ashes.

Today I wore this Alannah Hill dress. I did it without remembering it was actually in my HH cupboard the night of the fire - this photo is evidence.  Fancy that!

This post will be 5% sad, 95 % happy (a glass half full is just the kind of girl I am) - so let's get sad out of the way. Here is the "before" shot of the ballroom a year ago - and the after shot when the 149 year old white marble fireplace basically melted.

Here is the "before" shot of the area to be my office - and the utter devastation which greeted me the day of the fire.

But now onto the 95% happy. Lots has happened over the last 24 hours - 2 of my favourite people are leaving us  - safe travels V and R!

 They bought be this beautiful thank you gift - note the Hanworth Purple! And the fantastic pineapple card

Talking of purple, there is quite a lot of it emerging in our office 

Love these lamps from Laura Ashley

We celebrated Carl's birthday in usual HH fashion

of course we had cake! With a Hanworth purple ribbon no less - thanks to Hanworth Assistant - well played!

I think Carl liked it!
and he celebrated his birthday doing fabulous manoeuvres on this excavator - transforming my landscape of rubble

I have received some wonderful surprise visitors from Zonta - the beautiful Karyn and Keren, a double dose in 2 days - I am so lucky - thank you beautiful ladies!


Hanworth Sparkies almost look like they have settled into HH for ever!

Of course she had to return - superstar tea cosy is back - she cosied herself into the newly finished PA office - creating havoc everywhere she went. She just loves the new navy trellis rug
She settled on Hanworth EA desk pretending to be busy


And marvelled (as did we!) at the organisation of the stationery cupboard

But enough of the limelight for her - there was action plus to keep me distracted on this day which conjured  so many sad memories - Hanworth Carpenter Extraordinaire Pete (who has been on the job since the very first day) and I took a moment to reflect

We were both in tears this day a year ago. The removalists moved in

Tradelink delivered the disabled toilets (thanks Rachelle! You were fabulous!) - I promised to keep you updated readers on ALL news at HH - I am not leaving anything out!


B at the Bridge caffeined us on what was going to be an emotionally charged day - thanks B!
He is the self declared manager of all occasions at HH eventful 


HH's hardworking friend S arrived by ute ready to work and busied herself arranging the dining room and furniture

and A joined her in making the worksite so much more befitting (and clean) on this pivotal day

Remembrance flowers arrived from the beautiful A - so thoughtful

and did all these beautiful souls rock their magic - this was the dining room when we first moved into HH November 2012

This was it 12 months ago today before the arsonist did his deed

and this was it today

I was so proud as the sun set and the lights went on for the first time - thanks to Sparky HH and his team of magnificent men

So the day, like the blog, was 95 % happy. This card greeted me as I woke this morning - I thought it was so beautiful from 2 of my biggest fans

and as I left HH on this anniversary - there was just one more thing to do. Remember the story about my mother's beautiful silver teapot (taken by the arsonist) ?

Well it has been returned to its rightful spot

The Phoenix can rise from the ashes - just watch us...

Thank you to everyone who has been watching and encouraging this journey - tomorrow is my birthday - it wasn't much of a birthday last year, so I have plans to make up for this this year!