Monday, 24 March 2014

Happy Birthday to me

Let's just say this girl knows how to party


But then again, it takes one to know one!


So from the lows of the first anniversary of the fire, I was determined to make it a birthday to remember (and it was!)

Miss HH started the day by giving me this magnificent card and present

"Guess how much I love you" is our all time favourite mother/daughter book - Then Assistant HH breezes in with these crowd pleasers

And the crowd was suitably pleased!

I was determined to re-open the kitchen, dining room and ballroom to mark the occasion of my birthday - and we did 

I am loving the white fresh approach of the new kitchen at HH

 The dining room was readied for the ladies to lunch

And the ballroom was given a makeover by HH's Director of All things eventful (spot him amongst this group of partying girls)


He even sourced this gorgeous entry chair for me

Of course there were several girls who attended who were of the partying kind on my birthday -  Fleur Fabulous Friend was intent on starting the day with a sabre or two.


These 2 young attendees were much more sensible

 I love this photo of my boys

And I am not sure if you recall, but for Christmas my boys gave me a magnum of champagne - which I vowed I would only drink with them on a special occasion

 and I declared my birthday as that special occasion.

The landscapers moved in - on day 1 they were suitably entertained with all the festivities - I assured them this did not happen every day.

Look at this amazing book my friend S found - "The Haunted Tea Cosy "  - She apologised in advance that the book was atrocicious - I agreed - but how thoughtful

I have made the book compulsory night time reading for that renegade Superstar Tea Cosy of HH 

I felt quite the lady of the house on my special day

As night time fell we turned the lights on for the first time

I figured if there was one day in the year I would get away with a photo on the earth moving equipment - it was today. So off we went! Thank goodness Project Manager HH did not see us!


 This was me last year on my birthday - the day after the fire - I was pretty sad but Miss HH tried to make it a nice day

This year was much more colourful

There were lots of fun instagram moments captured

This is my favourite photo of the day

The day after my birthday the arsonist was sentenced

Carpenter HH Pete has  been with me since Day 1, through the fire, through all the insurance, through the last two birthdays

He gave me this card on my birthday this year - I love it.

How true 



  1. One word.....special!

  2. Happy Birthday, looks like the day was lots of fun!

    1. was so much fun Leonie - in fact I have been late in replying because it was WAY too much fun. Thanks for writing. I have missed everyone, x HH

  3. Happy Birthday! Amazing how much can happen in a year x

    1. I agree HiH - can you believe our acronyms are almost identical apart from the "i" - fancy that! x HH

  4. Happy Birthday! What a difference a year can make. All looks beautiful and I love seeing and reading about the progress at HH. xx

    1. Everytime I see your "Theresa@princesseatspeasoup" I always think you need to be a guest at HH one day! Don't ask my why! x HH

    2. I would be beside myself. The opportunity to see the beautiful house in's such a tremendous thing you are doing, restoring Hanworth House.

  5. Love all the caftan action
    Your tradies-they are so spoilt!but they deserve it
    Great birthday piccys!
    Congrats on all your happy successes!
    X A

    1. Hi x H - I have missed you. I agree - the caftan was actually my daughter's - I have never owned a Camila but don't worry - I rectified that last week - at 40% off it did not take much self justification to convince myself it was my time! xHH

  6. Thanks for your posts so we can share HH's triumphs. Congratulations and best wishes to all - Happy Birthday 2014 M.

    1. Thanks Anon for your wishes, they mean so much, xM

  7. I am so proud of you, my gorgeous friend. Congratulations on an amazing year. Love you to the moon and back XXXXXX

    1. thanks meges, can't wait to show you the grand lady next week - that saying is Miss HH's and my favourite by the way - we call ourselves the 2 nut brown hares - they are our favourite books xHH