Saturday, 12 April 2014

A century of days to go

So suddenly it dawns on me to count the days until the big 150 - and it is 100 days to go!

A Count Down app was in order - so with a countdown in train, I told the boys they had better get serious about whipping this great lady into shape (I am talking about the house, just to clarify!)

So they took to making a bit of a mess in the front garden because there was something big brewing

You know how my pulse raises sky high when I see a skip?

Well I am declaring that the concrete truck has pretty much the same effect on me!

Especially when there is a slab involved !

And hello to  you too, you big beautiful pavilion slab

The heavy machinery then got even more serious and ventured into the courtyard -  I have never seen the courtyard look so serene

But it was short lived as the builder boys pondered every little detail and did their bit to upset the serenity (Drainage was high on their agenda!)

Meanwhile tiler boy set about working his magic in the kitchen - got to love subway tiles

And designer girl Gilles and Franck and her imagination set about concocting some options for the entry hallway runner

and a rug for my office

Meanwhile the ballroom anticipated her first guests - the Women's Legal Service, of which I have been thrilled to be made its Ambassador recently, elected to hold their strategic planning day there to test run it.

And we elected to don a couple of pink hard hats and have a photo with them to capture this milestone

With 100 days to go we even got a celebrity fix - the wonderful Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan called in and the 4BC production team (Sshhhhhh there is something big happening at HH in July!) You heard it here first! I called in the big names from the HH crew to entertain!

Brilliant B and Fantastic F hit the spot!

I even allowed Ian and Loretta up to my favourite spot in the world - the highest point in Hanworth where, secretly, I retreat to in the early morning to check on our beautiful city of Brisbane - see!

Anyway, they were special and deserved to sneak a peak too (so I let them!)
They were so special in fact that they even popped in on the WLS team and livened up the serious planning gathering

I don't know how WLS managed to continue to plan throughout the day when the Builder Boys were constructing this outside their windows - ta dah! our new wing

So with just 100 days to go, I set about starting the week with a big batch of bircher muesli magnificence and how gorgeous does it look on the beautiful donated crockery from some generous local citizens and a lovely tablecloth from Keren Brown

Thanks Keren and lovely to meet you recently  

Just because everyone was on countdown, things started happening at lightning speed

 Windows arrived

Landscapers moved in

Sparky HH started to work magic with the lighting

Do you recall the 150 year old gorgeous iron columns ? Here they are the first week we moved in

Well in breaking news thanks to Wagga Iron Works, the 150 year old columns have company - 8 brand new columns cast from their ancestors

The old columns went to Wagga and back - quite the adventure for them since they first came from England in 1864!

Turning 150 in 100 days - I never thought there could be so much excitement!


  1. Amazing! I am getting excited too. Rugs and runners, subway tiles...all the divine details. The iron columns are beautiful, the ballroom looks so lovely and I cannot wait to see the landscaping.

    1. You and me both! At the moment the garden is one big dirt pit but I am excited about the plans we have ahead! Will keep you posted on every detail! xHH

  2. You are inspirational!
    It's amazing when your under the pump how much can get done!
    100 days,hasn't the time flown!
    All is looking amazing!
    Goodluck over the next 3 months and I look forward to seeing the end result celebrations!
    X A

    1. Thanks for the confidence boost xA And for the good luck wishes. I should not say 100 days otherwise the builders think they have that much time - they don't! Hope all is going well for you too. x HH

  3. Good luck with the countdown HH. Brisbane is shining. Best Wishes S NQ

    1. thanks s NQ - it is everyone's support which is keeping me going