Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The House of Clicquot meets the House of Hanworth

It was a great night when Hanworth was asked to showcase Veuve Clicquot in a night of celebration (when would that not  be a great night!)

The entire team was on board - even the builders had a briefing!

I took the time to tell them about the great House of Clicquot and complimented them on wearing shirts that (almost!) were the same colour as that of the house!


Fabulous friend Fleur and I got into the spirit early

 The builders also painted the property "orange" as this milestone engulfed HH

Goodbye site shed! This was such a pivotal landmark so its departure was a sign that things are changing

The crew worked hard to make HH look the best it possibly could on the outside

and the crew worked hard on the inside too

Even the bathroom has never looked so good!

That beautiful chevron rug (thanks Gilles and Franck) was rolled out for this special occasion

As these darlings (1989 and 1990 magnums no less) were chilling 

alongside all of these

Then night descended and it was time for the Two Houses to shine

There was even a full moon (as if it knew)

There was Le Grand Dame at "the Grand Dame"

I love this shot  (the Veuve looks divine, but the subway tiles look pretty good too!)

The harpist played

The Ballroom beamed

The kitchen received a real chef and his Caxton Street Catering crew

This was my favourite shot of this night - just look at the reflection of the wrought iron column in the kitchen door and the light on this 1864 hand formed bricks
This was the wonderfully talented House of Veuve Clicquot expert crew - Ralph, Phoebe, the uber impressive and vivacious Bernadette O'Shea and Dominque Demarville, Cellar Master Veuve Clicquot (who sounded just like Manu from MKR- but better!)

And this was the equally impressive Hanworth House Crew - Brilliant B and Fabulous F (in sequinned Camilla no less!)

Fabulous F self declared herself the keep of the keys (for the champagne fridges that is!)

Guests were black tie clad and elegant to boot

I learnt from the master about just how lucky we were to be sampling these beautiful bubbles (Veuve being particularly special to the House of Hanworth)

I slipped outside to sneak a peak inside (and I loved what I saw)

The menu was divine

And if your house does not already have a copy of Bernadette's magnificent book, act now - you won't be sorry - Click here for Champagne and Chandeliers

 Thanks to this national treasure for having the faith in Hanworth House to showcase this magnificent night

I loved every minute

x HH


  1. HH -champagne and all things sparkly. I love the silver teapot in the last photo (and the handmade bricks). Best wishes BFN S xx

  2. Everything looking so beautiful and elegant from top to toe. Hanworth House looks made for such sophisticated occasions.

  3. Dear HH
    How utterly lovely for you and all, after all you've been through. I'm getting on board you IHHH blog because you are such a tenacious and glamorous lovely, oh...and I love a bit of VC.
    Here's to many more functions to come!!!! Xx

    1. oh Flora Facinata how lovely to have your join our merry band! I will promise you one thing and that is that there will definitely be many more functions to come - bearing in mind how we love to party in the land of HH x HH

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