Sunday, 15 March 2015

Start Spreading the News...

I rode my way through San Fransisco, I wined and dined the Napa and I lived the apres life in Aspen...but when I arrived in New York... I knew I was home.


It does help that my nickname (STC) resembles so closely that of that legendary TV show

Hanworth House loves these 4 gals

HH says that they resemble the 4 generations of women in her family!


She says that Miss HH is Charlotte (young & idealistic), that her mum is Carrie (creative, loves fashion), that her 100 year old grandmother is Samantha (sexy and very entrepreneurial) - and that she is Miranda (bit boring - loves to work)

Regardless, I sprung into the S(A)TC spirit pronto in the Kate Spade NYC store

Not sure how I can ever do justice to the fantastic time I had in this city.

But one thing is for certain - we ate and ate and ate

Miss HH was kind to me (most of the time) and figured that I could be the star attraction at The City Bakery where she and HH loved to start the day with the home-made marshmallows in hot chocolate

and they truly are as good as they look!

But our favourite NYC hot chocolate is always found in Eataly by Madison Park


We spiced up the culinary adventure at both Spice Market and Buddakan (in true SATC fashion) in Chelsea

  And undoubtedly our  favourite stalwart - Balthazar in Soho

and had sweet treats at the infamous Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich

If it's good enough for Carrie...

It's good enough for me!

Of course I loved the artisty at Eleni's 

Did you know the Oreo biscuit was invented at Chelsea Market in NYC in 1912? Fancy that!

Had Fried Chicken at this great joint in Harlem

NYC was not all about eating (actually I lie - it was!)

There was a fair bit of shopping too

As it was Valentine's Day, I got into the spirit at Victoria's Secret

I found the change room they obviously designed exclusively for me!

And thought I would try to be noticed and picked up as a future Victoria's angel

Alas, not to be (their loss!) - so I changed my focus from fashion to homewares

 Cased the joint at West Elm

Ran to C Wonder - one of our favourite places - only to find it was closing down - devastation!

Don't worry - we helped them offload many of their divine products for the last time 


 C Wonder we will so miss your gorgeousness!)

Of course any shop in NYC is not complete without a trip to Bergdorf Goodman

Any store with purple as the colour of choice has to be a friend of mine

And can you believe that Tory Burch, in her signature orange, turned purple for my visit!

 Naturally  we bought this book from Bergdorfs "Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf Gooman"!


and then sat up in bed that night with HH and Miss HH to watch the film - so good! 

It was quite a treat for the girls to take me to lunch there - I could so easily move in!
but then again, I would miss the excitement of this lady I guess!

There was a day spent well amongst the bargain hunters bound for Woodbury Common

Don't worry - I spread myself around with all the big names

And all this with only Kale Chips to sustain us!

I mastered the subway in NYC

and got to know many of the sites

From the Empire State Building

To Time Square

Loved the New York Public library in the snow

and reminisced again about this beautiful scene from SATC

Walked the High line


Loved this great wall in Harlem

and then it started to snow

The  Bryant Park Fountain was frozen over 

The East River started to freeze over too

But the snow and blue sky made for beautiful walks in Central Park

and the snow did not stop any of us (especially Miss HH) having fun

We caught Kinky Boots on Broadway (so much fun)

and happened by chance to attend Sienna Miller's opening night in Cabaret (what an amazing production of this classic)

Even noted that there were some arty shots of my lineage around the traps!

 Naturally, my coffee seeking travel companions engaged ferociously in their never ending quest to find NYC's best coffee 


Number One position on this trip for the macciato was given to Sant Umbreous in the Upper East Side - picture perfect!

Jack's continued to impress in Greenwich

Even Nespresso put in a sterling effort

I did not take the coffee quest personally - in fact I quite liked coming along for the ride and sizing up the competition

But Abraco remains our all time favourite in the East Village

So ended a fantastic few days in this incredible city. Here is HH and me bidding farewell to NYC

and to you.
Can't wait to get home to tell all the gang all about it.

starting with this guy

xx STC xx