Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Milestone

The 10,000 viewer viewed - I was super excited.  I had to ensure I was not checking, just in case I became the 10,000th. How anti-climatic would that have been! So to mark this special occasion, I am launching the official thank you card from the House of Hanworth:

You saw it here first!  I am currently getting cards produced - this photo was taken next to a rather unattractive back brick wall at Hanworth but Jennifer Mendez (remember I introduced her to you recently) worked it a treat. Here was Jennifer in action on the day:

Jennifer and her team managed the photo shoot for Womens Legal Service which was shot recently at our Green Lady.

This post reveals some of the final stunning shots which I promised I would share on this blog when they were available.

Remember that fabulous green 1964 Falcon Coupe? And the plant I thought was a weed right before it burst into yellow gloriousness? How stunning are both in this photo? Not to mention the "looks like she just stepped out of Mad Men" Miss Glamour behind the wheel!

I love this shot on the front lawn with the children

and the isolation of this one

The rooms provided a great backdrop for the "hospice style" accommodation

One of my mum's early paintings was chosen prop as a backdrop for this shot

and her coffee pot and tea plate featured in this one.  The crew told me the cupboard with things rescued from the fire was a veritable prop heavenly treasure trove!

Can you believe Superstar Cosy HH and her partner in crime Teapot HH both survived the final cut and lived to see their name in lights in this poignant shot?

They will be asking me for royalties next. And an agent!

But by far my favourite shot is this one

I'm not exactly sure why this shot was my favourite. Perhaps it is the sense of  uncertainty it exhibits. Upstairs/downstairs, coming/going. You can see the soot on the stairs from the fire and yet it is somehow beautiful. Anyway, it won my vote!

But how priceless were these beautiful girls. I could have adopted them on the spot!

I feel privileged having inherited the props from the photo shoot for our office

I cannot wait to see what Women's Legal Service do with this spectacular collection. Stay tuned as Jennifer Mendez will reappear in the next few weeks with an exciting new initiative for our Grand Green lady HH.

Thank you for a great opportunity WLS
It's Friday - and you all know what that means!
Happy weekend to everyone

x HH


  1. Love these photos, its hard to pick a favorite, I really like the the one with the woman in front of the window and the little girl with her head in her lap, it makes me think of tough times women go through & the strength they find especially for their children. Probably sounds a bit sappy but it is what I thought when I looked at it! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    1. No I agree Leonie, how many times have a child's head in a lap been one of the best feelings around. Not at all sappy! have a great weekend, x HH

  2. Love these photos!

    And that window is my favourite. See you soon x

    1. mine too, will text you later re high end stories of high end trip! x HH

  3. Love the Coupe shot,and the staircase shot is beautiful.The photographer has done a beautiful job & also the stylist.What a powerful statement they created.
    Congtrats on 10 000 HH!
    That window FF mentioned is divine!!!!!!
    Nice to have the sun back out :-) X A

    1. absolutely x A - that window has to be one of my very favourite things. hope your weekend if fabulous x HH

  4. Photo of Hanworth House on FB Lost Brisbane site. Just posted today?

  5. Thanks Anon. I just visited the Lost Brisbane Site on Facebook, what a fantastic initiative. I added my two cents worth to the Hanworth House photo, naturally! Thanks for the heads up. Hanworth House is definitely in good company on that facebook site! x HH

  6. Gorgeous photos. Where are they being used? I think I saw you on the verandah when I whizzed past on Wednesday morning?

  7. Hi MR - the photos are being used for the new Womens Legal Service website - but they generously have let me use them too and i LOVE the one of the thank yous so it will be the official Hanworth House thank you card (it is perfect!). I am sure it probably was me last Wednesday - let's face it, I am always there ! You of all people know how these things are! xHH

  8. they are aren't they EclectChic? xHH