Thursday, 6 June 2013

Finders Keepers

I was just thinking back to Day One at Hanworth House - maybe I felt just a little bit like a kid in a candy store..

or like Miss HH felt outside this Gossip Girl Candy haunt in NYC last year! But don't worry, the whim was short lived... I soon remember what Day One at HH really looked like!

Yep, just about as far from as a candy store moment as you could possibly get!
But exploring the nooks and crannies of HH, was a bit of an adventure now that I look back on it.  Let me share with you what I found
A choice yellow clad leather chair

Oops no sorry - a comode! Could not really invite the Governor to HH's 150th birthday and  have that around the candlelight supper table as a sit down option could we?
However, in the comode's defence, it was an extremely functional item and provided a never-ending source of amusement for my 3 Nephews HH

Naturally there was considerable choice linen (as you can see I found a most appropriate storage spot for these 70s frilled cushions)

You will be somewhat relieved to hear, however, that when I went to put the bins out for removal, the said choice cushions had already been removed, so I am very pleased they found a new home! And so quickly to boot! Obviously some very discerning people around Neighbourhood HH.

The same could not be said for these mattresses - they were left in the bins!

And some choice photocopiers and Rank Televisions - I could see no future for them at HH

The disposal pile grew...

and grew...
until finally the pile grew up to become a skip - and was quickly followed by 4 others!
On Day 1 we knew pretty quickly that the priceless sub-boards had to go ... 

So Sparky HH was called in as a matter of some urgency.
"Yes, Sparky HH that is indeed a powerpoint!"  But miracle worker that he is - behold the transformation:
Of course the fire ruined all of his electrical wonder -
But let's not let that mere fact get in the way of a good story! The new electrics were the bomb!
On Day One we discovered HH had wings

and sophisticated key management systems
There were some priceless pieces of quality furniture
Can I say that, as time wore on, I grew to have renewed respect for these incredibly comfortable (and able to be hosed) chairs - they are fabulous!
Some finds I was dubious about at first:
But my mother was always a firm believer in the power of snow white
So I became a convert too
So classic 70s and I am now such a fan of this setting, my squeals audible when I found the matching table
I cannot even begin to describe to you my utter devastation when I realised, in a moment when I had my back turned, Brazil Boy HH thought this superior décor was trash and so demolished 3 of the 4 legs to enable him to fling this said table into the skip. This resulted in my having to personally comb an entire skip bin of rubbish to retrieve the 4 legs - but success, 4 hours and 40 minutes later I emerged and I am now proud to say the table is now rightfully reunited with its four original legs and ready to face the next 40 years.
As you can see the setting was quickly commandeered into use - and has appeared with some degree of prominence in celebrations since 

And, indeed, champagne has been a unifying factor in the re-emergence of many of the original pieces...

And, as if HH knew that the new owner would be one to bring people together over a few shared drinks, even this fabulous buffet trolley was left to me:
It has been a little battered by the fire it had an altercation with, but is still standing...
But amongst everything that I discovered on Day One, these were the standout pieces which stood taller than anything in their wake...
Don't think there was not a fight over these 3 glorious chairs... let's just say two of them managed to defy the odds and fight the fire single-handedly such that they are still at HH -  maybe that is a sure sign they were destined to stay where they belonged...
And, of course,  lastly, but by no means least...
Hiding away in the deep dark depths of those dark unattractive mission brown cupboards

... was...hospice style crockery and cutlery - and soothing teapot HH -

and her domineering and very media hungry Kardashian girlfriend Cosy

I'm so pleased I did not toss them - something about that cosy told me it was made with love, and needed to stay (despite my being unaware just what a media hungry tart she would turn out to be!). But, lucky for the film crews, Superstar Cosy HH was on hand when they needed an extra..
and lucky for you and me they stayed as I feel sure that this pair will appear at every strategic opportunity they can find, to remind us that the past is where HH started ... and the future must remain forever in its debt.
So, as a special treat, I promised you I would share with you the spectacular results of the Women's Legal Service photo shoot a couple of weeks ago when the shots were released - brace yourself!
Well, I can't spoil you too much! I am aware you can only bear so much excitement in one sitting here at Network HH - Here is a teaser...
So join me next time - I promise you I will share more - but this one in closing - how spectacular is this shot in the stairwell from my favourite attic room going down to the old house?
x HH


  1. I love your sense of humour HH. I truly believe it is you rather than Hanworth House that has wings. Thanks for sharing so much. x

  2. Ah thanks anon. Can't tell you how many times I might have just been tempted to fly far away this last year! Thanks for reading ( and commenting) its lovely to think what I write might entertain someone, even just for a short while! Happy weekend x HH

  3. Hello! I have huh end gifts for you and Bella. Please advise of availability for collection xxxxx

    1. Oh FF welcome home. We all missed you - would simply LOVE to catch up - will get Miss HH's agenda (exams pending) and we will come over with bubbles for lots and lots of news from you about your what looked like unbelievable travels. x HH

  4. The photoshoot looks fantastic,it must be rewarding to see photos like that,especially after all of the sad fire photos...the Old Girl comes back to life!
    Love those 3 chairs too!treasures!
    I agree with Anon above,this HH story is so fascinating,Thankyou for sharing it with us!Love your story!
    Happy weekend to you too HH
    X A

  5. Thanks A - tempted now to share all the fabulous photos from the shoot - HH was such a perfect backdrop for that photo collection. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I did x HH

  6. Love the teapot and cosy! And those three chairs are amazing. I live on a sheep station and we when we first moved in I rummaged through the tip on the property for treasures, along with the shearer's huts and cooks quarters. It's amazing what gets left behind to be discovered, and it's so much fun!

    The vile things are fun too of course!

    1. I agree ElectChic - what things did you find? - how exciting is it? I must admit I was a bit too quick at first to let things go I think. Now I wish I had kept a few more things. It is the simplest things like the cosy which I like the most! How strange. x HH