Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Continuing the Festival of Carla

Remember this week is designated "the Festival of Carla" - sensational sister-in-law HH.

This is Carla and me last Sunday

Today she is celebrating a special milestone birthday

Oops, no sorry - this milestone birthday!

Hanworth House turned on a fabulous High Tea in her honour

Cakes from Jade and Coffee from Cara from Cake Kiosk. And camera work from the wonderfully talented Jennifer Mendez who captured all the action recently for the HH photo shoot?

This is Jennifer in action last Sunday

Well, you are in for a treat because on tonight's post I am sharing with you the beautiful video she created with the images she took on the day.... 

You will see why HH recommends Jennifer Mendez Photography  Visit her site here - we hardly knew she was there on the day and are simply thrilled with the memory she created for Carla, for us and for HH.

and while you are at it, don't forget to pay special attention to the antics of Superstar Tea Cosy HH who photobombed quite a few of the shots! Here she is pictured with the tarts but, let's face it, that is exactly what she is!

Enjoy this snapshot of the time we had together last Sunday at HH

Happy "20th" birthday darling Carla who has a smile which brightens every room and has a heart as big as ever there was. And to fate which thankfully brought her into our lives.

x HH


  1. Thanks FF - I thought of you when the cakes came out on Sunday and thought a couple of yours could have looked truly at home on the table! Hope you get better soon - thinking of you x HH

  2. Yum, that all looks so nice!

  3. Gorgeous Marisa, you are such a generous kind person
    Ciara xx

  4. Gorgeous video!
    That's what a good photographer does,you forget they are there and they capture natural unscripted moments!
    Enjoy the Sunshine
    X A

    1. Thanks x A - I agree, it is the candid shots which are so special x HH