Monday, 15 July 2013

Birthday Eve - Media and Tarts

Do you know what today is?  It is the eve of the first major birthday party since HH has been a part of my life

Love this image - thanks BBC!  So hard to believe that on 16th July (tomorrow) it is exactly 149 years since the first brick was laid on the soil of East Brisbane to mark where the Grand Lady was to lay her roots.

Let's face it - we at HH land love any excuse for a party. And trust me, this is one major milestone party!  A year long celebration until the big 150!

So who do we turn to when we need to exploit a major media occasion? Some would say anyone with the name Kardashian. But we at HH have our own resident media tart without compare...

Superstar Tea Cosy HH - just look at her in this shot in the brazen light of day cosying her way into the action on the birthday present table at sister-in-law's milestone birthday recently.

Some would say her place was rightfully on the high tea table.

She was there (momentarily) - doing her thing with her peer group - the infamous silver teapot and various members of her coffee and tea cup fraternity.

But not our Superstar Tea Cosy. Bored with such mediocrity, she, instead,  moved to greener pastures and was celebrity-spotted at various points during the afternoon making a total nuisance of herself

Fraternising with the delectable delicacies

Harassing  the Cake Kiosk cooks whilst they were busy concocting our coffees

Honestly, does this Superstar Tea Cosy tragic know no bounds? One moment she was pulling a punch at the fruit juice table...

Then, when she decided their company was beneath her , she punched way above her weight and joined the champagne jet set.

I see that I may need to keep her in check in the future! But be warned - her influence knows no bounds - look what I saw at Pillow Talk this week...

OMG they are breeding, taking over the world!  I am sure HH's Superstar Cosy started all this - she is only set on one thing - conquering the world with a million tea-cosilet followers.

So you have been warned! And this invasion started with an innocent smothered cosy being rescued from the dark mission brown cupboards of HH. The rest, they will say, is history.

But she was not the only media tart this last week:

I was invited into 4BC to share an update on where the Great Green Lady was at (apparently they replayed the interview with me they did on 19 March after the fire) - I was pretty teary then.

The lovely team from 4BC were delighted to report I seemed happier 3 months later

Anyway, it was fun. I was overwhelmed how busy a radio station can be early in the morning - thanks 4BC - your support means a lot to HH. In fact, I think you are deserving of a coveted HH Blog's Award for Community Service

This is the third award bestowed by this blog - Radio 4BC now is in very good company with Baker HH and Neighbour HH - all outstanding corporate citizens - and all very deserving of this recognition.

So back to the history - tomorrow is the 149th birthday of HH. But today was another milestone because, on the Eve of 150 look at this fabulous array of images I caught today at HH

Yes it might just look like a toilet to you - but this is a very special addition to the HH landscape - it is the builder's "dunny".  It means the builders must be back!

But this was not the only salient image from today - you will not be disappointed, I have more!
New revised plans were plastered to my office wall

Acros arrived - I can only dream to suspect this means the roof coming off is nigh (weather permitting!)

sources of electricity were dotted around the grounds

How serious is this?  We now have meticulously designated parking areas! I might be able to make a small fortune if I put this sign out on cricket day at the Gabba!

And, king of kings, my favourite friend returns - the skip man (how I have missed you!) - this means business people!

Such an occasion was cause for serious applause. I let loose and bought not one, but two, bulk bags of the officially designated lollies of the house - Red Frogs (by appointment to Hanworth House)

Acros might prop up the roof, but the red frogs sugar fix will prop us up as the 150th birthday draws near. The white board was cleaned and was officially declared back in action

It was a good day.  Nice to see people back,  motivated and ready to start again.  With 365 days to go  I officially declare the year ahead  HH Festival 150 . Superstar Cosy, and related media tarts, have much work to do putting this event on the map. Stay tuned!

Happy HH Festival 150 Eve to everyone
x HH
Thanks also to you viewers too - I noticed we just hit 15,000!
How awesome!
A piece of the cake is reserved for you



  1. Happy 149 HH!
    The glimpse of the revised plans got me intrigued...
    Hoping this year goes to plan and 150 arrives with a Bang!
    Have a great week at Reno-ville!
    X A

  2. Hi A - thanks for the birthday wishes. Reno-ville was off to a great start until the rain set it. Now I have no roof and lots of water - aggghhh. I am sure these things are meant to test us but heavens, I need a break! x HH

  3. HH,my brain has failed me this week & I forgot to ask you if you had seen that the Portraits of a Tea Cosy Exhibition was opening at the Warwick Art Gallery,I think this is the national launch of the exhibition.
    I was wondering if HH Tea Cosy was involved,being a media tart and all...
    I think you need to send in her resume or at least be invited to opening night!!!!!!
    X A

  4. OMG are you serious? Superstar tea Cosy will have her spout put rudely out of joint by her lack of invitation. I am going to research the event - it sounds like I need to pay a special visit to such an esteemed event! But on a related issue, have you seen how tea cosy mania is everywhere at present? I am sure it started at HH! thanks for a great kick this evening A x HH

  5. Lol!
    Who knows,but just take the credit for it anyway!
    I was going to take the kids to Warwick for the weekend,then found out its getting down to 3'c,which means in Warwick it will be -30'c
    Too cold for me!
    Great weather for Tea Cosies!
    Stay warm, X A

  6. Happy Birthday HH. It's not every girl that gets a complete 'make over' for her upcoming birthday! Hope you are happy with your surgery, fillers, resurfacing and general uplifts. Can't wait to see the results. Have a great year of 'preparations'. Onward and upward!


    1. what a lovely inspiring comment! Must admit, I'm tempted to have surgery, filler, resurface and general uplift myself too! I sure feel like I need it - now that is a thought!! Stay tuned for the next post which will show the first of the surgical interventions this week. Thanks for commenting and making me smile x HH