Thursday, 26 September 2013

christenings (and the HH logo)

42 weeks to go at HH was beckoned in with christenings galore
First we are proud to launch the  HH logo

I loved it the first minute I saw it - I love the way it is like a family emblem or crest (but with a modern twist) I love the purple (bearing in mind HH's link to women for over a century) and I love the circle to represent interwoven stories. It was described as heritage and tradition - I think that is true. Anyway, I love it  Thanks AJ and the team at 121 Creative

The boys at HH saw it first - I am not sure they were as excited as me - but that is usual anyway, so I did not take offence.

This was not the only christening this week - we had the christening of this gorgeous bundle of goodness

Many of you might recall that this little gift from heaven Madeleine Mae arrived 9 months after my beautiful mother died. She was the first granddaughter born since Miss HH many years ago. My mum would have loved her beyond everything - except she loved Miss MM's 3 brothers a lot too

The christening was beautiful - sad in lots of ways because there was an important link missing - but she was there - this beautiful dress was made by mum to mark the christening of Miss HH almost exactly 19 years ago . She hand-smocked and embroidered it (the headband was a 2013 addition!)

This was Miss HH in that same beautiful dress in August 1994

and so the legacy lives on - Miss HH becomes a godmother for the first time

and Maddie Mae immediately took to her like a kindred spirit

It was a beautiful day
There were other christenings this week too

It was the Qld Telstra Businesswoman Awards - and Rosemary Vilgan was christened the 2013 winner. She is a wonderful businesswoman - and lovely too - congrats Rosemary

And I had the wonderful privilege of judging this year in a section taken out by this dynamo - Jellaine Ross from Cherry Blooms - she has the most amazing extendable eyelashes See them here - and is an inspirational young businesswoman - watch this space!

These girls were inspirational too. One of the best things I do is host a group of school students to the awards each year - The Tomorrow's Enterpreneurs initiatiave is in its 8th year of operation in Qld and Telstra is taking it national this year.

 I am so proud - and these young girls are proof of this year's Telstra manta that

And in christenings at HH, the new roof was in its first week and was much admired (especially by me!)

There has been much building, and cleaning

 My office became alfresco again, to make way for the roofing sheets

I can't wait to see this fireplace revealed in my new office home

 Here is the sootless ground now beneath the ballroom floor (it was shortlived) Temporary flooring soon appeared as there is much work here about to commence)

 Goodbye beautiful front door - I will miss you


It's been a delicious week (and don't think I have not eaten a few of these devine donuts - thanks Flour and Chocolate!) A girl has to do what a girl has to do to keep up with the workmen!

 I love christenings ... and new beginnings...

x HH


  1. Love the new logo - perfection! What a lovely week to celebrate the christening of a family member, and in a family heirloom too - a lovely link to your mum. The new roof is looking fabulous, and I'm sure you'll be seeing fast progress inside now that you're watertight. xx

    1. Heidi thanks - I do love the logo. And you are so right - now that the roof is no, everything is moving so fast - following our blog too - lots happening down your way too it seems! x HH

  2. Love the logo HH. It can take you anywhere. x

    1. or back to anywhere Anon! So many people have remarked it is like the "old days" of spirograph and now I can't look at the logo without thinking of that. I am sure I had one of those sets as well! I do hope, as you predict, it will take me anywhere - I would settle for somewhere x HH

  3. What a cute little girl!
    The HH logo is beautiful
    Your verandah is so beautiful
    Have been very busy at my place painting & gardening & hubby has loosened the purse strings to get a few things done.
    Thanks for the HH inspiration
    X A

  4. good morning A - tell your hubby I am trying to loosen my purse strings too to start the work on the HH garden - but thinking I need a much better access to my purse than intended! Hope your week is going well - what colours are you painting? x HH

  5. Budget ruins all the fun,Lol!
    I've been painting in Black & White!
    It's all over me,in my hair,I could pass as a HH tradesman!
    Have a gorgeous week
    X A

    1. I agree x A. Do send a photo of your black and white painting - sounds divine. Hope your week was gorgeous too x HH

  6. What a gorgeous christening gown ... your mother was very takented. Miss HH and little Miss MM are very much alike as babies. Congratulations also on the wonderful work you are doing on the grand HH. I! admire you for your determination and the class you have shown since that devastating fire. Also, it seems as though you have a wonderful team working on the home who have great principles and are showing a lot of respect to the home (while maintaining a good sense of humour. Well done to everyone. I look forward to following the journey.

    1. Hi Nik, My mother was mega talented (don't worry, not a stitch of the sewing talent fell onto me!) Thank you for the wonderful words of support. Look forward to having you aboard on our journey still to travel