Friday, 13 September 2013

20 000 (but who's counting!)

For so many reasons, but one is certainly that my blog is about to hit view 20,000 - you have all made this journey so much more worthwhile - and I just wanted to say a big thank you for enthusing me to keep writing and sharing my stories.

It has certainly been a jam packed few days of activity - in Australian politics there has been a change of Government

At HH (which, incidentally, is just down the road from the house of the now ex PM!)
Father's day has come (and gone) - and we continue to celebrate the milestones on the HH whiteboard

45 weeks to go rapidly became 44 weeks to go - I went to the Supreme Court to listen to the arsonist's request for bail - and in brighter days, the builder boys told me they miss it if I don't write on the board - so I filled it this last week...

Everyone is working hard and counting down the days until the roof sheets arrive (next week is the week people!) - there was more cleaning out the soot under the floorboards

Conferences about just about everything!
Some of the new galvanised sheets were laid in an outer wing

Serious cleaning was undertaken (so serious in fact that the experts Juvenaire were brought in!)

Of course there was a constant stream of visitors - including the wonderful Ken and Simone

and they can come again because they bought Shingle Inn cake (not just for us but for all the builders) - they even let Superstar Tea Cosy join in!

My past (and future) office continues to get better and better - there are new trusses

and the walls are being lined (shame really, I loved looking into the roof!)

And this is the room now

  and here is the space for the ladder up to the hatch onto the reinstated widows walk

and once we eventually get up there this is the view we are going to get 

Yes, I think I will be able to live with that! Also thinking of scraping the fireplace in the office back to brick - any thoughts?

Some wonderful people provided an opportunity for me to have short bursts of relaxation after such a busy and stressful few months - the gorgeous Theresa and Bernadette from Aurora Beauty in Balmoral treated me as their guest to the most divine facial in their new look store (and donated a beautiful prize to our WANTZ charity dinner too ) - thank you goddesses!

and I spent a couple of days with the in-laws in North Queensland - where cane cutting was in full swing

and in the month of September Innisfail looked just so pretty

where local scarecrows looked after the surrounding corn crops in the community garden

 where nephews frolicked in the local park

and where my favourite hidden gem Cowley Beach (no glamour beachside) still manages to inspire

and where homegrown flowers and homecooked food were the order of the day

Meanwhile the boys were not idle whilst I was away - more floorboards came up 

 ceiling rafters came down

have a good last look at the sky - because next Tuesday we start to close it down - thank goodness the weather has been so good to us - it can rain after we have a roof - in fact it needs to!

There was reason to celebrate with those who are making it all happen 

and similarly there is reason to celebrate you, my wonderful readers, as we head towards viewer 20,000

A celebration is in order
Next week I will unveil Hanworth House design style to honour this milestone
I know you are excited!
So am I


  1. Looks like a great week at HH
    Could this weather get any better?
    I love Nth Qld.We really are so lucky in our state aren't we,so many fabulous places to visit.
    Congrats on your milestone
    Have another successful week at HH
    And...Thankyou for the great stories..Love!
    X A

    1. Nth Qld was fabulous x A. It was cooler there than it has been in Brisbane the last few days. So much progress at HH... xHH

  2. Its wonderful to see your progress at HH - what I was searching to see. Send a message to CSDE. Sent a note a few months ago but alas no read receipt. Best Wishes - would love to catch up. SD UC UQ

    1. where did you send message to? love to catch up x HH