Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Move over HH - today it's all about me!

Well she knew it would happen - HH was always concerned that one day that I (Superstar Tea Cosy of HH in case you needed reminding) would storm into her office, commandeer the nerve centre of the Heart Hanworth House blog and write a post of my own
I thought it was a great plan which I dreamed up while perched up on the newly installed HH fence (pictured above) You all know I am a media tart who loves to be in the limelight - well this is my moment.
So here I am - self proclaimed guest blogger (well not exactly an invited guest blogger!) I simply invited myself. Can you blame me?

Last Sunday HH attended the Cleveland markets and just look at this array of tea cosies which were so elegantly assembled in the line up.  Without consulting me, HH simply bought one (middle row two from the bottom) and proceeded to gift it to me when she returned to HH.

Like I needed a new frock - I was quite happy in the one I am regularly out and about in!

and I always change into my "going out cosy" when going to a fancy event like the annual WANTZ dinner, especially if I am meeting one of Brisbane's premiere chefs!

But to keep the peace, I decided to frock up and take a tour around HH this week as there is so much action on site that I thought a new outfit was exactly what I needed to get these builder boys to notice me at long last!

I started my Tour de Hanworth at the place most revered by the builder boys - the lunch esky!

Then I discovered a new creature on site - the cement mixer - exciting! He and I had a lovely time together!

I stopped in at the ever-changing whiteboard - look at the newspaper clipping which was exhibited today - HH and our beloved house is famous in this week's South East Advertiser (page 5).

I stopped in and had a read, but can you believe there was no shot of me at all, not even in the social pages! Do they not know I live at the beloved Hanworth House as its most famous resident?

Annoyed, I decided to break all the rules, even venturing into areas which were out of bounds to anyone who is not a tea cosy! I ignored all the warning signs

I spent some time getting to know some of the new residents - these are my new found friends the Bessers. And this is the Bessers' grandad - I really liked him. That family sure knows how to stick together (unlike mine!)

This machine was huge - not sure what it was called - but it was certainly bigger than me (so I treated it with the respect it deserved!)

I ventured into the outside toilet room where, until now, no one had dared to venture. I know I am brave as well as a media personality... Underachiever  (or a wallflower) were never terms used to describe me!

But don't worry - with all my cavorting around the building site - I was very responsible - I ensured I was sunsafe!

and I ensured that I protected myself against the hazardous elements

They call me the social climber and I discovered a new friend who will help me to consolidate my "social climbing" celebrity status.

And you all know how project manager HH (also known as Builder Boy) simply refuses to pose and have a photo with me? 

Well I decided to chase him around this week until he succumbed to acknowledging my celebrity status (did not happen today but mark my words I will pursue him until I succeed) This girl is not one to take rejection easily!

I visited HH's office where I hope to live (I know she has other ideas) but you know me, I am determined as well as beautiful!


 Some on  site appreciated me - Unlike Builder Boy, Painter HH thought I was the bomb

on the other hand, the roofers were not as impressed - one even dared to question why I had made myself comfortable on the new roof sheets!

But PA HH always appreciates my visits. HH and PA HH have been a little stressed implementing a software package called GENIE - what a cute name. Genie and I are besties now - and I have proved most helpful to the girls as they try to tame our genie.

Of course the proposed door signs (thanks to our Artistic Director HH) and I spent some time getting better acquainted

And I felt that this one and I were a match made in design heaven - is that not raspberry on my new tea cosy? This room must surely be destined to be named after me - actually Artistic Director HH you have not named a room after me to date - I expect that is coming? Your long term future at HH depends on this (just saying!)

So, all in all, it has been a whirlwind week at HH thus far (and the week is not over yet).  Painter HH scaled great heights to paint the chimneys in antique white (which all of us love)

I am only sorry I was not quick enough to catch a lift up there with Painter HH

I could have helped him fend off the duck who has established a home up there - it was quite a sight seeing Painter HH and the duck in a face off on the HH roof. The painter won (thanks to the roller). But I did note the duck back again today - so perhaps he did not win after all!

 This was a picture of Painter HH trying to extract the duck from its comfy zone. But the overwhelming exciting news was the arrival of the roof sheeting.

From Adelaide production to Sydney rolling - the sheets have arrived.  There was major excitement.

And this is the new north facing roof - so when you drive past the house you will see it now - obviously the Green lady is going galvanised - but don't worry we will be retaining some of the green roof!

So there you go - and it is only mid week! I know you would have loved my guest blog self proclaimed entry. Write back if you want me to come back because then HH won't have a leg to stand on when I commandeer this editorial post again.

Better go and unlock the room I put HH in whilst I did this. I might tell her I like my new tea cosy after all and I know I will sweeten my mischief by bring her a morning coffee.

Bye for now, loves and hugs
x HH Tea Cosy

PS it is 6 months today since the arson attack on Hanworth House



  1. STC,wow you get around!
    Thankyou for the HH tour,what a lovely spot to be perched upon..fence sitting & watching the world go by!
    Greetings from the Sunshine Coast,no tea cosies in sight,just extra large cocktail glasses!
    Happy weekend to you HH
    X A

  2. Cocktails sounds like just the thing x A - glad you enjoyed the journey of STC - she is truly quite the celebrity on the blog these days - I feel like her mother! x HH

  3. Well SST, you are bold and brazen thing. How much front can one tea cosy have?! But if I had a new frock as stunning as yours, I'd be ready to take on the world too. I do apologise for not getting back to you earlier - I was researching in Tasmania. And I do apologise there is no room name in your honour as yet but truth be known you did make the first shortlist - i just ran out of rooms. Maybe coerce HH into another extension or better yet a fourth wing and we can name the whole thing in your honour. I'll get my peeps to talk to your peeps soon.
    Artistic Director HH (far too glamorous a title for an arts and crafts home body)

    1. Artistic Director HH, I am glad you were told. You have far more influence with HH than I do - I think her budget will not extend to more rooms, and if she tries to stick my name on the storage room or any inferior room which is not becoming of my social standing, I will go into hiding from both of you and refuse to add any more glamour to this blog. Be warned - and I hope you have been researching sources of more tea cosies for me because I must say my wardrobe is rather limited these days! x HH