Monday, 7 October 2013

Portraits and Paintbrushes

Thought it was about time we had a bit of a shot taken at HH with the fam. Here is the official shot of Miss HH, Mr HH and me at the Grand Green Lady - who is having a makeover as we speak so the green roof, sadly, is no more!

The crew from Studio Impressions did a beautiful job - just look at the texture of the tree! You can almost touch it.  Personally, I love this shot the most - it is destined for my office

But life is not this glam on a day to day basis at Ol' HH - I have hardly had a chance to write so here is a whirlwind tour of the last week - 41 weeks to go!  Gyrock has arrived, so these bare walls will not be bare for much longer.

Big decisions are being made - cornices were the flavour of the week - and they have to be in keeping with 1860s style! We have been told!

Week 42 ended up with 2 sittings of Friday drinks - one for the boys - where beers ruled

 and then another for the girls - where champagne ruled - Note the beautiful S and her daughter S (who at her tender young age must have searched far and wide to find the only flowering bush in the entire HH estate!)

 I thought Brisbane looked fabulous over the Riverfire weekend - and I was imagining what the view might be like next year when I can climb up through the Widow's walk to sneak a peak

Sparky HH is back and has allocated one of his boys to the HH House full time - how important does HH feel! And my new office got lots of attention - a bathroom is slowly but steadily emerging

I'm getting a little bit excited about choosing a light fitting for this staircase

Downstairs received lots of action too - demolition of walls and floors

but I am sad I am losing  the bare brick walls which I have grown to love so much

They are rapidly disappearing behind limestone mortar

I know I know, it was bound to happen... but I am sad as I loved seeing the handmade bricks  - I think I have been rather too inspired by this shot of the South Brisbane train station

Ceilings are looking up

and the dormer windows are getting a bit of a makeover

The beautiful wrought iron posts are being despatched for major restorative work - I will probably hardly recognise them when they return

Like I would hardly recognise Superstar Tea cosy should I buy one of these gorgeous bundles of tea cosy joy currently in Pillowtalk. Don't worry, I did not indulge her - she is well and truly indulged enough these days - can you believe she has her own fan club. The cheek!

So that was the week that was - to wrap it up, here is a completely random shot of gooseberries at the James St Markets - just love shopping there and was inspired enough to take this shot! Here's to lots of adventures in the week ahead

x HH


  1. Dear M

    I love these family photos. I still need to catch up with you as I have a pressie for B which she will LUFF.

    Get your people to talk to mine xxxxxxx

    1. will do FF. life has been so crazy busy - you are on our agenda for the next week big time! x HH

  2. Could talk cornices all day!
    It's exciting working on all the pretty bits
    The family photo is beautiful
    Coronas ruled at my place all weekend with fresh limes-heaven!
    Have a great week,look forward to the next post
    X A

    1. Oh A wish I had known. Needed some cornice expertry a lot the last few weeks. Loving the head on into summer and all those limes and lemons. I must confess, I am a bit of a closet corona lover... and you are right, all the pretty bits are starting to shine through. Happy days... hope for you too x HH