Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ssshhhh - a surprise party is in order!

This is a beautiful view of HH taken last night when, officially, we hosted HH's first social outing  - but more about that later...
34 weeks to go and we had much to do - as the builder boys had to get the House ready to receive its first official guests for the weekend surprise birthday party
The week started with special morning tea scones for Tom
(but Tom was nowhere to be seen!)
So, instead, stairs were readied
These are the guys who pulled off this fabulous achievement - thanks Jason! and Neil!

and Ta Dah, the stairs became party ready

And talking of stairs, just look at all the work which went on this week centred around HH stairs

Brand new external side stairs
Internal stairs being sanded
Marriage of the old and new floorboards
New office floors
and my new office floor
So, as you can see, floor sanding was very much on the agenda this week, but wait, there's more!
Our Hanworth stationery (embossed too!) arrived
Kitchen installation commenced
I welcomed back white gloss and Dulux Manhattan hues
and the ballroom was becoming recognisable again
Those magnificent wrought iron posts were finally given the VIP treatment they so rightfully deserve
and just look at them now! All dressed up ready to party!
Moreton Hire moved to work their marquee magic!
As the week progressed, everyone worked hard to make the house look less like a construction site and more like the backdrop to a party venue
 and by Friday at Four, a definite celebration was in order


and, exhausted, it was time to hang up the hats for the weekend

 and let the celebrations begin - a surprise party was in planning
Elvis was invited 

and he arrived
Actually a number of them arrived!
The girls were ready to party too
and guess what else - Superstar tea cosy removed her gear as she had heard that Fabulous Friend HH (pictured above) had a new tea cosy coming in the mail
Assuming, she had been invited to the party, she waited all day for its arrival
and arrive it did - and did this girl get around the party! But that's another story for another post - stay tuned to follow her antics at the Night with Elvis surprise birthday party - you won't be sorry!

  x HH


  1. The stairs look fabulous!
    Your photos are getting better & better
    Congrats on your first evening soirée
    Looks beautiful
    Love the pineapple tc
    Loving all your stories
    X A

    1. oh thanks x A - been so busy been hardly able to attend to the blog - that was bad of me! But I am determined to post this weekend to tell you all the antics of the last couple of weeks x HH

  2. You are amazing, HH. Love how you look after everyone so much. What progress. Xxx

    1. oh thank you FF - another FF! Yes there is progress and am seeing it every day. But I am worried things will slow with the festive season (and I don't want them too!) THanks for your interest - I love it that people want to hear the story x HH

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  4. HNY HH - sending best wishes plus special encouragement for you to continue blogging in 2014. We love seeing the progress you are making and especially love it when the champagne comes out. Best wishes SD NQ It is warm here but the rain will cool it down soon.

  5. Oh thanks SD, I have been missing it. The last month of 2013 was just so hectic - but I am starting to post again to catch up tonight - your encouragement means the world thank you so much. x HH