Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Teapots and Tay Tay

I know - it's been ages - but the harsh reality is that my life spun out of control the week Taylor came to town

Miss HH and I went alongside 40000 others - and it was FANTASTIC! What a great role model Taylor Swift is for young girls.  

So now that I have apologised for being so long gone- just imagine you are reading this back in early December - you will never know!

Life started to spiral when Hanworth hosted that beautiful surprise birthday I told you about in the last post - what with all the party preparation and Tay Tay being in town, apparently  I acted unfairly in that I ignored HH's resident celebrity, Superstar Tea Cosy

 So she came out of the closet and decided to reassert herself. While the party preparation was in full swing, Superstar Tea Cosy busied herself

 checking out the newly re-installed kitchen

Yes, I know as well as you, that she is not wearing a tea cosy at all but a beanie. However, it is a special beanie. Remember beautiful sister-in-law HH? The one who is facing a big battle with an even bigger enthusiasm?

I spent one of her chemo sessions with her and in the oncology unit is a knitted baskets of beanies just begging for a nice home - well, Hanworth is fast becoming quite a nice home

 so our resident Superstar decided to take a beanie  and give it a nice home  - She decided they were destined to be together (since it was Hanworth purple in colour - fate!) She took it everywhere and introduced it to the newly painted skirting

She took beanie to join the plasterer boys

showed Beanie around the ballroom with its new joinery

They created havoc for the brickies

But they did, to their credit, offer to help!

They relentlessly pursued the poor floor sander

But were finally ordered outside by the workmen

But don't worry, they were not downtrodden for long - the found the marquee where the party was being set up and settled in for an afternoon of primping for the big event

Despite the lack of an invitation - Superstar turned up anyway - after first stripping herself bare 


She appeared resplendent in a new outfit (after having heard on the grapevine that pineapples were quite the flavour at present)

and when the giver on her outfit arrived (known on this blog as  Forever Friend HH) - even Fleur had a moment when she thought STC looked ridiculously cute

Miss HH agreed

All this attention simply fuelled Superstar's enthusiasm and confidence so she cosied herself into the thick of the Elvis themed surprise party -  She greeted the guests

Surveyed the Elvis themed decor

Sauntered into the kitchen to sample the savoury line up

Headed to the champagne table (sometimes I think she really is my second daughter!)


Insisted on grilling the DJ on his song selection

I tried to give her away by placing her on the gift table (but even the birthday girl opted to leave her behind!) 

The effervescent Juliette gave her way too much attention!

and then Superstar felt that she really could not bear to be outshone by the abundance of Elvis guests so went on the ensure that her esteemed presence was well understood by all

She was not content to just mingle with the dancers

But simply had to be ever-present for the speeches as well

All in all, Hanworth did us proud. It was the first official function it had hosted since the fire

It looked grand sitting behind the marquee and made me enormously proud

The side verandah was used a stage when we realised a storm was brewing

it worked out perfectly as everyone crammed into the marquee as it hit

Happy Birthday Jo

x HH (and resident Superstar Tea Cosy of course!)


  1. Was there champagne? The house is looking devine - a credit to its architect and owner of course. Best Wishes S MB x

  2. Is that a question S MB? There is always champagne! thank you for the wishes - hoping it looks even better in the weeks ahead x HH

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