Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tricks and Treats

How much fun did we  have during Halloween at Hanworth this week?

Even whiteboard HH got into the spooky spirit - marking 37 weeks to go

Pay attention to the star pumpkin because it cost $18 – Miss HH bypassed James street determining that Coles would offer better value – and it was just as expensive at Coles! But she did a top job carving it out

Builder boys were warned from any thoughts they might have had of defacing it
And we ensured we derived maximum value from it
Orange invaded Hanworth and reigned supreme during Halloween week

Halloween and all its orange reminds me of my mum and this lovely painting she did for me back in the 1980s

It was part of a set of Four seasons and I had them reframed this year - coincidentally in purple (I was not thinking HH at all at the time!)

 I love her sewing chair - she won it and a sewing machine when she won the Womens Weekly bake-off competition in 1967- she made my wedding dress sitting on this chair

 I covered it  recently - it blends in nicely with this Halloween post.

As does Miss HH's Halloween PJs

The builder boys were ordered to wear orange!

Well some of them did!  PA HH and I frocked it up in true Halloween style

Neighbours HH pulled out all the Halloweens stops
And there was much trick or treating in our street - Both for the little kids
and also the big kids


Of course Superstar Tea Cosy could simply not stay away.
After sulking she had no orange tea cosy to mark this special occasions, she finally got over her grudge and came out of the closet to join in the Halloween hilarity

She can run... but she cannot hide!
Bored, she turned her attention to her usual preferred place - in the spotlight

She took naps in the two newly finished rooms.
And commented on how much she loved the linen I had chosen (Adairs was the place!)
 She harassed the lime render men

She was one of many who kept a daily update on the office transformation

She went where no one else dared

She admired (as did I) the gorgeous newly installed roof

The gorgeous whirly birds rejoined the Hanworth House roofline (it was a happy reunion)


Superstar tea cosy lent a hand when she could

and even in the midst of major work progress, there she was just ensuring her presence kept everyone on track

Progress has really started to speed up now that the roof is on

I cannot wait to see the brick pointing when it is repaired and just look at these verandah roof sheets which have started to be installed!
As it they were in sympathy for the happy place HH has been lately the garden is coming out too

and the frangipanis are just starting to bloom
 My mind has even wandered a little to think of appliances - how fabulous is the Winnings store in the Valley!
and it was Pete's birthday 
Pete has been on site since  day 1 - he has been through the triumphs and was one of the first to be part of the tragedy
Here he is putting up the front gate after the fire, gutted just like me when he arrived to work to a house which had been so significantly destroyed

But we were happier this week as we celebrated his birthday with Friday drinks 8 months later
The girls celebrated too

Whilst some bought champagne, Erin bought Jill Rosenwald - for those of you who have not seen the delights of JR Check them out on etsy here

I have adored JR for ages but she is hard to get (and expensive!)

But how gorgeous is it? And she monograms too!
 I have just recently heard she is expanding into bedding  - not sure you will be seeing much of that at Hanworth!

But you did see this JR at Hanworth 
We had what some might call a JR boot sale in the HH driveway. Erin is clearing her stock of JR at cost price!

Helene snatched the first 2 vases for herself at bargain prices - how glorious are these? My only problem is restricting my choice of the ones left!
It is a  tough decision to make - but this one (Turquoise Kasbah) has crept into my guest room - I am sure it went there by itself!
After all, there was a lonely JR Newport cocktail tray on its own in there
I don't think she will be lonely any more - and it was in the colour of Halloween and everything!
It was meant to be
Hope your Halloween was happy too
x HH


  1. Because there is so much to comment on and my brain is not functioning,I just have to say-I Love everything,
    Your mum was very talented,looks like its been passed down the generations!
    Keep creating & sharing
    Love seeing your progress!
    X A
    Happy Cup Day!

    1. how was your week x A? Progress is fast and fierce at present, deserves a post of its own. Did you win anything on cup day? x HH

  2. It really is fast & furious
    How it should be-nothing worse than a Reno that drags on & on
    Your HH tradesmen must love you with all of your HH shenanigans.
    I didnt end up getting out for Cup Day,my youngest wasn't well.
    I gave my hat to a girlfriend who won Best Hat at her event,so that was exciting.
    Enjoy your week & I'm so happy it's all progressing well
    As much as we desperately need rain,you have been so lucky with the weather!
    X A