Sunday, 18 August 2013

Goodbye strawberry sundaes

At the risk of sounding rather like I did last week (and the week before, and the week before), Project 48 weeks to go was another big week at HH. 

And it did not stop with the weekend - our Zonta Club assisted in assembling 12,000 birthing kits on Saturday morning

It was a great sight with over 300 people giving up their Saturday morning to pack a humble birthing kit which can save a life in third world countries - amazing what a difference a black plastic sheet, some gauze, a razor blade, some string, gloves and soap  can make!

Plus it is a wonderful way to make some new friends and work together to achieve something big

Of course some great sponsors made it possible - like Arrivals Obstetric Practice and Shingle Inn (yum - thanks Shingle Inn for the magnificent morning teas!)

So it was a philanthropic end to another great week at HH. 

Fencing was still high on the agenda

Even Jake with his injured hand was put on lighter duties aka my fence!

Craftsman HH was set to work completing the fence posts (which I LOVE by the way!)

and gradually it moved from nearly complete

 To complete... and beautiful!

I spent a long time this week in my devastated office upstairs 

Pondering what it might one day look like - Do you remember when it looked like this?

Bit different now!

But my dream is that it will one day look like Mary Mcdonald's office - how beautiful is this?

Admittedly, she is the Million Dollar Decorator so maybe I will have to modify my design somewhat to fit my budget! But if anyone can master this transformation, these guys can - my A team ...
So back to reality...

There was more roof trussing

This was the kitchen at the beginning of the week

 and this was it at the end of the week after the demolition team had done their stuff

The kitchen can only look up from here! At least I found a good use for these chairs!

The beautiful Erin was cleaning out her garage of all these gorgeous leftovers from her retail days. My heart skipped a beat when I saw all these Jill Rosenwald pieces - don't worry, many of them are making their way to a much loved home (mine!)

And how beautiful is this chair? I must admit a couple of chairs found their way into the truck destined for HH when it has been repaired.

And if anyone is in the market for fabric, I just loved all of these!


This single flower is about the only flora currently visible in the HH garden

But when this little bush grows up, I would like the HH garden to look like this one which was next to Erin's house.

The Ekka is over - and you know what that means?
 It will be another year before we see strawberry sundaes again
x HH


  1. It's great to see the roof going on. I love the chairs and fabrics, and of course the only bloom. x

    1. I thought of you when I saw the fabric - they were all so gorgeous - still thinking of stuffed olives! xHH

  2. What an amazing project the birthing kits are-I love this & how rewarding to be a part of something possibly life changing for some mothers
    The fence looks fantastic,looking fwd to driving by for a gawk and slowing the traffic!
    We all need a friend like yours who cleans out her garage & passes on beauty like that that,stunning
    Love all those fabrics
    Your office will look like that,you can create the same look on a budget-how exciting
    My garden is a bit like yours,it hasn't been landscaped,that will happen when we when a random bloom crops up it makes my day,I've got a few beautiful roses at the front door,makes me smile every day!
    Can you imagine what HH will look like in a few years,when the gardens are established!
    A dream home!
    Love those strawberry sundaes!
    Loving your weekly updates
    X A

    1. As always A just love your enthusiasm. I'm always worried I will slow the traffic as I slow down and admire the new fence as well! Sounds like you have more in your garden than in mine. I love it when just something lovely pops though, despite all the chaos around. Have a wonderful week and talk soon x HH