Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ekka Fever... and Fencing Fever

Today it was a holiday for the Brisbane Exhibition or, as we commonly call it, the EKKA

You know that this HH girl loves any festivity or occasion. So little wonder I have been in a good mood all week. However, we did not have to go to the EKKA as we have our own show happening  HH way. And it was a week full of milestones met.

Now that we have torn down the roof, we had to start putting it together again

So I learnt a lot about trusses this week. And just how difficult it was to get roof trusses into the HH driveway!

This truckie was a legend!

Then of course trusses need their friend the crane to do the hard work - another challenge for HH access!

But once all those logistics had been sorted, truss transfer was underway


There was a veritable hive of activity ... and slowly the Green Lady went from trussless and burnt...

To trussed - it was a happy day 

and the old and the new trusses spent time getting to know each other

Even Chimney HH looked less lonely with trusses alongside for company

The trusses even looked good from underneath
Of course I had to publicly declare my love for them

But trussing is hard work and I had to look after my men - so there was energy fuelled morning teas to keep them going
But trusses were not the only activity at HH this week. We brought in the fencing team too.

Builder Boy HH set the pace (I think he has done this before!)

Painting and prep

I thought the palings were quite lovely - rather like paddlepop sticks!

We sought inspiration from the stairs inside Hanworth House when deciding what should go between the scalloped palings

And just look at what they became - simple, just like the rest of our Green Lady.

So it started to look pretty good
I showed my appreciation

and in the best public declaration I know - declared that Friday at Four was officially on this week

In the next instalment - stay tuned for roofing - I know, I'm on the edge of my seat too with excitement!

Hope you Ekka holiday was good too
x HH


  1. Well I must congratulate you HH on your upbeat voice of daily portrayals and your fabulous restorative efforts thus far. Your Lovely Lady is looking mighty fine. I can't imagine how hard it has been for you but this recent quickening of progress must at last give you what you have deserved all along......HEART!

    Much love, xx

  2. Thanks Anon for your words of support. I'm glad the posts appear upbeat because very often I am far from it. But I think writing helps. And I love it that someone cares to check in every now and again to see how I am going. Knowing that someone out there might care just a little helps a lot. Thank you x HH

  3. Hello HH!
    It's so exciting to see all that work at your house.
    The scalloped fence looks fantastic...simple is perfect,you have chosen well!
    Those tradies must love you and your baked goods
    Haven't the Ekka had a fab 10 days of sunshine,I took my kids,we had a wonderful day...BUT came home with some awful vomiting bug... now back on deck & enjoying all of your stories
    X A
    Have a wonderful weekend

  4. x A always so exciting to hear from you. I love your infectious enthusiasm. The scalloped fence was a group effort - but so pleased everyone seems to love it. I think it does not hide the house too much - it will look better when we establish some garden in front. Hope you are all recovered and you are out enjoying this weekend. x HH