Sunday, 11 August 2013

Demolition Derby at week 50 to go

Where did last week go? I swear it did not even hit my sides, but all I know is that it was Business with a capital B in the land of HH.

Here is a whirlwind tour of 50 weeks to go - I am exhausted even thinking back on it!

I remember it started very early - because, after all, my skip man was on his way - and no one keeps that man waiting! The power of stopping the traffic! I know, sad, but true!

So early week was full of action - goodbye old wheelchair ramp!

Hello fencing


And in earth shattering news ( everyone one site was close to brimming over with excitement).. the much anticipated girls' hard hats arrived (by the way, I love that the purchase automatically gave to The Breast Cancer Foundation!). Feeling good and looking good - got to love that!

As you can see PA HH and I celebrated - Miss HH embraced the latest addition too

She even converted Boyfriend HH as well!

But others like Builder Boy (BB) HH were not so convinced!

I'm truly not sure exactly why. They were the bomb!

There were other purchases too - how beautiful is this gorgeous setting? It was just sitting there outside the beautiful local store Jubilee Antiques yearning to join the HH community

And I am happy to report it did! Jubilee Antiques is a fabulous shop Visit the Jubilee boys here.

Scaffolding (and lots of it) was the order of the day


And just look at the spectacle which it revealed


Brisbane City looked simply beautiful from way up there - a shame that only the possums in the roof generally get to see this view from the HH roof. 

We were blessed to have divine blue skies and sunshine this week.  So it was the perfect climate for chimney cleaning (and repairs)

And just look at the cheek of this upstart tree growing in the chimney - don't stress - it is now gone! Thanks Mr Round Up!

I decided I wanted to have a go at being the Foreman!

So I greeted all the guests - Dr JT visited

and bought the invitations for our fancy Gatsbyesque charity dinner in a few weeks!

Fellow WANTZ charity member, Dr AS also paid a HH visit

Miss HH made chocolate slice to welcome the week

and they found an appreciative audience!

As did mid week morning tea from our beautiful friends at Ray's Breads (remember Tony made coffees for the firemen and me all night after the fire - he got the Blog's inaugural award for community service?)

Meet Jason - This is Jason

I believe his family way over the other side of the world in Wales are reading this blog to catch a glimpse of him - so this one is for you Jason! And your family!

He is so special, even Superstar Tea Cosy wanted a shot with him!
But don't feel too special Jason, Superstar Tea Cosy will have a photo with just about anyone (or anything!)

STT with the Golf Clubs generously donated for the Charity auction

STT with the new HH fence

STT with HH Retro furniture


STT greeting guests

and STT getting ready to go home with the boys (what a tart!)

STT even chose to pose with Tom! I told you she is not at all fussy! Sorry Tom!

The week went fast... and before we knew it... it was Friday

The HH whiteboard had its share of graffiti

I loved this one (thanks BB!)
But even the weekend was busy - moving all the furniture away into storage from the HH garage
Goodbye garage wing soon to be demolished!

 Hello storage shed - home for the next 6 months!
So the week over, all exhausted, but we can't rest - the trusses arrive Monday!
So excited that there has been so many people on site doing so much - I loved all the energy
Let's just hope we can keep it up next week!
x HH


  1. so proud of you and well done HH!

    Let me know re Friday!

    Luff the pink hats xxxxx

    1. Thought of you when I ordered those hats FF. Friday is on - a FF / HH date - details will follow!

  2. What a busy week. That tea cosy sure gets around. Love the pink hats- and it even matches the trimming on Miss HH's blazer. Who'd have thought the Brisbane possums were living such lives of luxury! All the best with week 29! P.S. - I was at the Jubilee antique centre earlier this week admiring that very same setting! True story. x

    1. Hi HinH. That blazer is very much our favourite wardrobe item - you will see Miss HH and I interchange it on many occasions! Can't believe you saw the setting. I just love it. It arrived on the weekend and is currently being used in our office as our boardroom table! x HH

  3. Ooooh lots of action at HH,hasn't it been the most glorious weather!!!!
    Look at those city views,Wow!
    Miss HH boyfriend is a handsome lad
    What a busy & productive week at HH
    X A
    Ps love the setting

  4. Has been A. We were super lucky with blue skies and sunshine - kept our spirits up too. So glad you like the setting. It seems to me like it was just meant to be at HH. Hope your EKKA holiday was fabulous x HH