Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy Hanworth New Year

Happy Happy Hanworth New Year!


I love this cute blackboard given to us by our beautiful neighbours at East Brisbane Pharmacy (thanks Dean and Jenny - we love it!)

It's nice to be back and we hope 2015 is extra special for us all... and for you too

Don't think that Hanworth did not get into the festive spirit in a big way!

And was there any doubt there would be Christmas tree? Actually there were three!

And the prevailing colour has to be purple of course - it is amazing that silver even stood a chance but it did creep into shopping trolley!

Hanworth even has specially made purple candy!
Which looks so pretty when it is packaged

And our commitment to purple does not stop there - there is ribbon as well

And we love our brown cardboard boxes tied with Hanworth Ribbon

No prizes for guessing what is inside those boxes

Super star tea cosy's special sesquicentennary tea cosy!

Now I know you are excited because, in the last blog I asked the question - what does this Brisbane landmark and Hanworth house have in common?

Well - the answer is (cue the drum roll!)
Brisbane City Hall was the recipient of the very prestigious John Herbert Memorial Award for the most outstanding nomination in the 2013 National Trust Queensland Heritage Awards

But, not one to be outdone by the grandeur of City Hall, our very own Hanworth House claimed the supreme award this time around

And not content with just taking out the Gold Award for Heritage listed buildings,  Hanworth went on to win that coveted accolade, the supreme award for the most outstanding nomination in the year

To say the Hanworth team was blown away was an understatement - we were so shocked

But so proud - we raced out to get the certificates framed immediately!

Here I am being awarded by the President of the National Trust and also the Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection, the Honourable Andrew Powell at Old Government House

Yes you have seen him before - here he was cutting the cake at Hanworth's 150th birthday mid last year

and he even paid a visit to my office to say hi

It was such a boost for the whole team

If you would like to read more about all the awards and all the recipients Read more here

It's 2015 and  Hanworth is now open for business

Tell your friends and colleague

Until next time Happy 2015 to all

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