Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Party (is it really over?)

Hello Hello Hello

I have been a very bad blogger - I am sorry.

The birthday bash was amazing, incredible but totally overwhelming - The Grand Lady herself looked resplendent

Remember her like this

Now just look at her

So much to tell you and show you and will try and get my life together in the next few days to share

But for today, here is the link many have been asking me for to the Channel 9 News story which was featured on the day of Hanworth's 150th birthday on 16 July 2014

We were all sashed up (in purple naturally!) for momentous sesquicentennial

And of course there was cake! The mystery man cutting it with me will be revealed soon!

x HH


  1. Congratulations! The party will NEVER be over NEVER! I wish we could do it all again, the celebrations were so much fun. Come to dinner soon we have SO MUCH to discuss. xxx

    1. wish we could to it all again as well FF x HH

  2. Great story!
    What a beautiful old girl!
    Hard to watch the fire footage!
    Keep on keeping on-you are amazing & so inspirational
    We need people like make a difference!
    Congrats again
    X A

    1. Ah you are nice XA - thanks for making me feel so good x HH