Sunday, 15 June 2014

Teapots and Tradies (Part II)

So if the last part of this post was about Superstar Tea Cosy - this one is all about my Tradies,  who are working so hard to get the Hanworth House show on the road

Meet Carl of HH - he loves his digger

And Foreman HH who keeps the team on track

Landscaper HH Tony is a recent welcome addition to the team

This is a rare shot of Builder Boy HH (who runs a mile every time he sees a camera in his direction) He really is the boss !

When this one grows up he will be just like Builder Boy - go Jake!


Plumber HH (Wade) is very mischievous

 Of course you have known Carpenter HH a long time- he has been through each and every day with me since Day 1 on site

Architect HH calls in regularly to make sure his wishes are carried out (and most of the time they are!)

Sparkies HH have been with us for months (that would be Grant and Mark)

Don't you just love this bit of lighting magic! It is one of my favourite spots

The site shed has gone, so the builders have had to move their lunch location into the new build


And occasionally they get a visitor like Miss HH pictured here on her birthday - well they are practically family after all!

Alistair and John can do just about anything

But John has recently found that being a reality TV star is quite up his alley


Their main job of late has been the new build

And the back courtyard area (loving my newly installed columns - which were made from a mould of the 1864 ones down in Wagga Wagga - they are very well travelled)

The landscaping team did a great job clearing the front yard

 But it was short lived because, drum roll, the pavilion has started!

Glass has arrived to close in the courtyard verandahs

and floorboards are all being replaced

VJs are going up

How nice of the besser block company to make bricks specifically in honour of Hanworth House!

And how fab is the main kitchen

The second kitchen began one day

and was finished the next

And has anyone seen these beds? They arrive from AustraliaPost in a smallish box and, after you slit the vacuum packs, they explode to become a fabulous mattress - I can't get enough of the whole experience!

And you may well ask why I am looking just a little excited in this photo

It's because I finally have an office bathroom (and we no longer have to pack a picnic lunch to get to the closest one!) Happy days!

The Green Lady is not so green anymore - as Gal is taking over

 There is green in some bedrooms however - still loving the mint green incy beds

The Incy Bed company is fantastic  - Check out incy beds here

Meanwhile the generosity of people is overwhelming - looks at all this beautiful donated crockey

and how perfect are these mint green and purple beauties?

Totally perfect

 Just like this ballroom rug currently in production - thanks to the uber talented Gilles and Franck  

Cannot wait to see the real thing!

Meanwhile, Cathy Border and Channel 10 came to visit - note how, by some chance, my outfit matched the floor rug - ha ha! That's a new one!

OK, life gets very serious tomorrow - it is exactly one month until the 150th birthday

And this is what the site looks like at present - bit of work still to do!

But these guys are at the ready - and I have faith - because just 6 months ago the HH courtyard looked like this

And just look at it today

Wish me luck!

So Superstar Tea Cosy may well claim to have my heart

But it is really my builder boys who do! Don't tell her (or them!)



  1. Oh, dear HH!!! I love this tribute!! Agree, those blokes must be GOLD. Everything looks incredible and I admire you lots. :D

    1. Oh thank you D - it is really a huge month ahead - love every best wish I receive. The boys are gold - but I try and not tell them much! Got to keep them motivated! xHH

  2. Good luck! There's a saying that if you want something done, ask a busy woman to do it. They must have been thinking of you. Look how much has been achieved? It warms my heart to see this beautiful house being rescued and how much love is bringing HH back to life. xx

    1. Thank you so much Princess. I can finally start to see the downhill after it being uphill for so long. She really is starting to look like a Grand Lady again, albeit with a spot of considerably face lift along the way! x HH

  3. so proud of everything you have achieved. That rug looks sensational!! Great to see you yesterday x

    1. You too FF. I am hoping the rug looks as good in person! As you would say, fingers and toes crossed! x HH

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  5. Wow - it is looking absolutely amazing!!! You've achieved so much, and how lucky you are to have such a dedicated team working on it too. I love the verandah posts you've matched, and really, just all the beautiful period details you've faithfully restored. Can't wait to see your landscaping… it's obviously moving at a much faster pace then ours. I have certainly learnt patience during our reno! And it's a fraction the size of your project. Good luck in the lead up to the big 150 celebrations! x

  6. Oh my goodness!
    It's exciting to see all the tradies coming together,and landscape designer-now that excites me!
    Love the H rug,I can only imagine how hectic it is in there
    Bit sad to see the green roof go,but the new roof & all looks fab
    Too much to comment on so will just say,it all looks wonderful
    It's hard to believe in a months time your celebrations begin
    Keep posting updates!
    Do you have some divine frocks for the celebrations-of course want to see those too
    Goodluck w everything
    X A