Monday, 27 May 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

Even though the fire has caused so much chaos - can you believe Hanworth House can be such a priceless backdrop for one visionary photographer and one mighty energetic group of volunteers?

HH must have provided a safe and secure haven for many women who preceded us over many years.  So her story provided a great platform for another story.

Capturing this was left to the mega talented photographer Jennifer Mendez.

Closely supported by her amazing team

Jennifer Mendez Photography

And spicing up the team was the equally amazing ND - organiser extraordinarie and her skilled and able assistant Ellen.

And you have a recipe for Saturday success -  only one thing missing - a fabulously worthy cause - enter Womens Legal Service - and we have a photo shoot full of energy, enthusiasm, and ethics as well!

Me and my crutches popped in to say hello

But happy to report the team were doing perfectly brilliantly without me!

Remember I told you about my long involvement with Zonta ? Well the Womens Legal Service (WLS) has been one of the worthy recipients of some of our support over the last 2 years. Zonta supports initiatives which advance the status of women worldwide. So WLS is a perfect fit for Zonta's support and our larger community should support them too.

Of course the Green Lady was perfectly willing to offer herself for a photo shoot (being a media tart that she is and all!)

And can you believe my dismay when I saw this being captured on film - who decided to make a cameo appearance along with these two 1950s glamour girls?

Who would have guessed! I write up the Green Cosy for the Green Lady once in the previous post and out she comes - thinking she is somewhat of the HH superstar edging her way in front of competing props to join the two glamourous photo shoot stars to have her own moment of fame!  Think she will forever be called Superstar Cosy HH as I feel we might be seeing more of her as she paves her way towards the first logie for Prop enhancement over the coming years.  Never put this Baby (cosy) in the cupboard!

And as if she was not brazen enough - She bought this partner in crime with her!  But seriously, how many women must have come to live at Hanworth over the years, as victims of domestic violence, family separation, sickness or poverty? How many of them would have benefited from the the HH haven? How many would have taken soothing tea from this pot? And how many would have been able to use services from WLS if available back then?

I think it is amazing that over 100 volunteers work to provide legal advice during the week at this Brisbane service - many women assisted are from rural areas -  and over 5000 women per year are assisted by WLS in gaining access to a justice system.

The Green Lady herself behaved perfectly as she basked in the glorious Autumn sun

How clever was the WLS team to find a green car to match our green lady? Organiser Extraordinarie took me for a spin!

Of course my poser friends wasted no time using this wonderful prop to the max ( I couldn't say no either!)

For those of you interested in the details - it is a Falcon XP Coupe from 1964

Even the garden put its best bloom forward

And what about this magnificent bush of loveliness? I was going to pull this "weed" out a few weeks ago and, suddenly, from nowhere it was covered in yellow splendour  - astonishing!

So now this bush is on the "list of weeds I have decided to keep"!

The passionfruit vine made the "keepers" list too

So all in all, a wonderfully successful day due largely to a sensational team and HH was thrilled to host them

They gave me champagne to say thank you (how did they ever know I had a bit of a soft spot for bubbles?) - but look what also greeted me when I returned to my little office on Monday...

Thank you WLS - what a beautiful gesture! You are a superb team, doing a superb job, and HH is so excited about her cameo appearance in your newest media campaign.

I will see if I can beg, borrow (or steal) one of the magnificent professional shots taken on the day - I saw the first cut tonight - they are divine, divine, divine.  I will see if they will release one of the first shots exclusively to Heart Hanworth House followers - stay tuned!

x HH


  1. The Glorious Green Lady (with Cosy) looks amazing in photographs. I'm sure WLS will be ecstatic with the ambience and mood of their shots...and HH (and cosy) are already 'working' for Women. Bravo! Does WLS have a specific project for the photos?

    Thanks for the blog HH. It's now a part of my routine. I love it! xx

    1. Thanks Anon. I think WLS want to use the shots on their new website - no doubt I will keep you updated on all this news as it comes to hand. I have a sneaking suspicion that the green cosy may well make her way into many events at HH in the future - seems like a perfect match doesn't it? Thanks for caring to comment. I just noted a reply from WLS below. x HH

  2. Thank you HH and Marisa, we had the most wonderful day and are honoured to be part of HH's modern history. The photos will be used for the new Women's Legal Service website as well as key material of the Service.Our service provides free legal and welfare assictance to women who experience domestic violence. The photos from HH will speak to many Queensland women fpr many years to come:) thank you again Marisa xxND

    1. Thanks organiser extraordinaire! It only ran so well because of you and your military precision. I love love love the shots and can't wait to share them. Let's hope they inspire many to your service (and lots of those who can continue to fund it) It is such spectacular work!

  3. Girl Power HH!
    You are all making a difference!
    Looks like it was a very artistic & creative day,all working towards something positive! Fantastic Ladies!
    X A

  4. Thanks A - there was a token man there (he brought the car) but he escaped pretty quickly. Little wonder! x HH