Thursday, 11 April 2013

Move in Day 31 October 2012

A new house and a new PA in the same week - somewhat of a new beginning on both fronts. Let's concentrate on the new house in this post.  It was a day full of excitement, and a reality check!

These were the (no doubt digitally enhanced!) promises touted on the real estate web site of Hanworth House - purchase a piece of history - and of course I fell for them. Who wouldn't? I never regretted this by the way. So just luxuriate in the marketing images of an extremely marketable house. And I ask you, wouldn't you have been impressed too?

My question was - who really can use 19 bedrooms. Answer: The original owner apparently had 9 children so I guess that was a good start!

This shot fast became my very favourite view of HH - it reminds me so much of another grand Brisbane Lady - Newstead House



OK let's get real...this was NOTHING like the reality - here are the humbling "these are the real Hanworth" shots because this is a blog about reality and not trying to convince you I was not completely realistic about just what a big job I was letting myself in for. So brace yourself...

It was an exhausting and exhilarating day - how does one determine which of the many rooms to make a site office?

 But always the best part - the end - now be warned -  there will be much eating and drinking shots posted on this blog- and the first day ended as it should with cold beers and gooey cheese and fig paste

Shared with family in a quiet corner of the world as the sun set on Hanworth day 1

x HH


  1. Great start to a considerably epic journey, no doubt. Best wishes HH

  2. thank you for your well wishes. I will keep you well informed I promise!